'마시멜로'에 해당되는 글 3건

4. Don't dwell on mistakes.

* dwell on[upon]
① ~을 깊이 생각하다, 숙고하다 ②~을 자세히 설명하다[이야기하다, 쓰다], 강조하다 ③~에 꾸물거리다, 오래 끌다, ~을 잠깐 쉬다 ④ (마음·기억 따위가) ~에서 떠나지 않다, ~에 남다 ⑤[발음 따위]를 길게 빼다
But he doesn't dwell on the past.
하지만 그는 과거에 연연해 하지 않습니다.

* give a person the ax
남을 해고하다; 퇴학시키다;[애인 등]을 차버리다, 이혼하다
Her boyfriend gave her the ax unexpectedly.
그녀의 남자친구는 별안간 그녀를 차버렸다.

* A  mishap is an unfortunate but not very serious event that happens to someone.

5. Take charge of change.

* take charge of
~을 떠맡다, 돌보다; ~의 책임을 지다
She has a bad case of megalomania, and always wants to take charge of everything she gets involved in.
그녀는 구제불능의 과대망상증이 있어서, 항상 자신이 관련되는 모든 일에서 주도권을 잡고 싶어한다.

* If someone is victimized, they are deliberately treated unfairly.

* If you tweak something such as a system or a design, you improve it by making a slight change.[ INFORMAL ]

* run[take] a risk[the risk, risks] (of)
(~의) 위험을 무릅쓰다, 모험하다
Running a risk of the storm, the rescue party set out.
폭풍을 무릅쓰고 구조대는 출발했다.

* The status quo is the state of affairs that exists at a particular time, especially in contrast to a different possible state of affairs.
    They have no wish for any change in the status quo.

6. Own, don't lease your goals.

*  take a backseat
낮은 자리[지위]에 앉다; (~에게) 양보하다; 눈에 안 띄게 굴다
I decided to take a backseat to Mary and let her manage the project.
나는 메리에게 자리를 양보하고, 그녀에게 그 계획을 관리하게 하기로 하였다.

* scant
1. inadequate, meagre, sparse, little, minimal, barely sufficient

* profession
1. occupation, calling, business, career, employment, office, position, sphere

* If you describe a person as unscrupulous, you are critical of the fact that they are prepared to act in a dishonest or immoral way in order to get what they want.

* relinquish
1. [Formal]
give up, leave, drop, abandon, surrender, let go, renounce, forsake

* brilliant
1. intelligent, sharp, intellectual, clever, profound, penetrating, inventive, perspicacious
2. expert, masterly, talented, gifted, accomplished
3. splendid, famous, celebrated, outstanding, superb, magnificent, glorious, notable
4. bright, shining, intense, sparkling, glittering, dazzling, vivid, radiant

* sav·vy속어 vt. , vi. (-vied) 알다, 이해하다
   Savvy? 알겠느냐?
No savvy. 모르겠다.

a. (-vi·er;-vi·est) 소식밝은, (사정에) 정통있는
n. 실제지식, 상식, 지각, 이해;직감, 기지(機智), 재치

If you describe someone as having savvy, you think that they have a good understanding and practical knowledge of something.[ INFORMAL ]

A tycoon is a person who is successful in business and so has become rich and powerful.


1. magnate, capitalist, baron, industrialist, financier, fat cat [slang], mogul, plutocrat

* property
1. possessions, goods, effects, holdings, capital, riches, estate, assets
2. land, holding, estate, real estate, freehold
3. quality, feature, characteristic, attribute, trait, hallmark

* nicheL=nest〕 :경영】 (수익 가능성높은) 틈새 시장
   niche industry 틈새 산업

* lose out
《구어》 ① (~에서/~에게) 지다[on/to] ②[원하는 것 따위]를 얻지 못하다
We were proud of our team although it lost out.
우리는 비록 우리 팀이 졌지만 그들을 자랑스러워 했다.

* at stake
위험에 처하여, 문제가 되어
Positions ranging from the U.S. Presidency to small-town council seats are at stake.
대통령직에서 소도시 의원직에 이르는 많은 관직이 (이번 선거로) 판가름나기 때문이지요.
My honor is at stake.
나의 명예가 걸려있다.

* retain

1. maintain, reserve, preserve, keep up, continue to have
2. keep, save
let go

* delegate

1. representative, agent, deputy, ambassador, commissioner, envoy, proxy, legate
2. entrust, transfer, hand over, give, pass on, assign, consign, devolve
3. appoint, commission, select, contract, engage, nominate, designate, mandate

* dividend

1. bonus, share, cut [informal], gain, extra, plus, portion, divvy

* Guess what!= (Do) You know what?
《구어》 ① (대화를 시작할 때) 있잖아, 이봐 ② (놀랄 만한 일을 가르쳐 주며) 어떻게 생각해?, 알겠니? ③ 맞혀 봐!
Guess what! I'm finally a homeowner!
있잖아요, 내가 드디어 집을 샀어요

Posted by 인샤이즈
* re-e·val·u·ate vt. 재평가하다

If you embrace a change, political system, or idea, you accept it and start supporting it or believing in it.
    He embraces the new information age.
    The new rules have been embraced by government watchdog organizations.

* close·ly ad.
1 접근하여, 바싹
2 , 단단히, 빽빽히, 꼭, 딱
   Her skirt fits closely. 그녀의 치마는 몸에 꼭 맞는다.

3 엄중히, 엄밀히;면밀히
a closely-guarded secret 극비 사항
translate a poem closely 시를 (원문에) 충실하게 번역하다

4 밀접하게, 친밀하게
5 열심히, 주의하여
6 검소하게;인색하게

* get
ahead (1) 나아가다, 진보하다;따라잡아 앞서다 (2) 출세[성공]하다

* Accounting is the activity of keeping detailed records of the amounts of money a business or person receives and spends.
    the accounting firm of Leventhal & Horwath.

* backing
1. support, encouragement, endorsement, moral support

2. assistance, support, help, aid, sponsorship, patronage

* hug
1. embrace, cuddle, squeeze, clasp, enfold, hold close, take in your arms

2. embrace, squeeze, bear hug, clinch [slang], clasp

* odds
plural noun
1. probability, chances, likelihood

* position
v.《미》 【광고】 <상품 을> (특정 소비자노려서) 선전하다, 시장내놓다

7. place, put, set, stand, arrange, locate, lay out

* readily
1. willingly, freely, quickly, gladly, eagerly

2. promptly, quickly, easily, smoothly, effortlessly, speedily, unhesitatingly
with difficulty

  • The Thin Mint :  Girl Scout cookie

    * If someone is perky, they are cheerful and lively.
        He wasn't quite as perky as normal.

    * desperate
    1. grave, pressing, serious, severe, extreme, urgent, drastic

    2. last-ditch, daring, furious, risky, frantic, audacious


    * association
     Your association with a person or a thing such as an organization is the connection that you have with them.
        the company's six-year association with retailer J.C. Penney Co.

    1. group, club, society, league, band, set, pack, collection

    2. connection, union, joining, pairing, combination, mixture, blend, juxtaposition

    * pose
    If you pose a question, you ask it. If you pose an issue that needs considering, you mention the issue.
    [ FORMAL ]
        When I finally posed the question, `Why?' he merely shrugged.
        the moral issues posed by new technologies.

    * confront = face
    If you are confronted with a problem, task, or difficulty, you have to deal with it

    * particularly
    1. specifically, expressly, explicitly, especially, in particular, distinctly

    2. especially, notably, unusually, exceptionally, singularly, uncommonly

    * variety
    1. diversity, change, variation, difference, diversification, heterogeneity, multifariousness

    * retreat
    1. withdraw, back off, draw back, leave, go back, depart, fall back, pull back

    * terrific
    1. [Informal]
    excellent, wonderful, brilliant, amazing, outstanding, superb, fantastic [informal], magnificent, booshit [slang], exo [slang], sik [slang], ka pai

    2. [Informal]
    intense, great, huge, enormous, tremendous, fearful, gigantic

    * cut out  
    ADJ : usu with brd-neg, v-link ADJ, ADJ for n, ADJ to-inf
    If you are not cut out for a particular type of work, you do not have the qualities that are needed to be able to do it well.
        I left medicine anyway. I wasn't really cut out for it.

    be cut out for[to do]
    《구어》 ~에 안성맞춤이다, 적임이다
    This is cut out for the party.
    이건 파티에 안성맞춤이다.

    * disrespect
    If someone shows disrespect, they speak or behave in a way that shows lack of respect for a person, law, or custom.
        young people with complete disrespect for authority.

    * Someone's confidante is a woman who they are able to discuss their private problems with.

        You are her closest friend and confidante.

    * confidant

    1. close friend, familiar, intimate, crony, alter ego, bosom friend

    *If you distance yourself from a person or thing, or if something distances you from them, you feel less friendly or positive towards them, or become less involved with them.

    * align
    If you align yourself with a particular group, you support them because you have the same political aim.

    에게 같은 태도취하게 하다;… 제휴시키다 《with
       align+++align oneself with others 동조하다[공동 전선펴다]

    1. ally, side, join, associate, affiliate, cooperate, sympathize

    2. line up, order, range, regulate, straighten, even up

  • 신고
    Posted by 인샤이즈

     *Today's Law of life and Action step*
    Life rewards positive action.
    Action step: Define your goals, and start aiming to achieve!

    삶은 적극적인 행동에 보답한다.
    목표를 설정하고 성취의 노력을 시작하라!

     *Today's Law of life and Action step*

    You cannot change what you do not accept.
    Action step: Stop whining and do something!

    인정하지 않은 것은 바꿀 수 없다.
    우는 소리 그만하고 행동하라!

    *Today's Law of life and Action step*

    We can shape or influence the way people treat us.
    Action step: Be proactive rather than reactive to how people treat you.

    다른 사람이 우리를 대하는 방식은 우리가 좌우할 수 있다.
    다른 사람이 자신을 대하는 것에 반응하지 말고 삶을 주도하라

     *Today's Law of life and Action step*

    Helping people gives you a high similar to the one from the endorphins you release in competitive sports.
    Action step: Volunteer in different organizations. The best way to help yourself is to help others.

    다른 사람을 돕는 일은 스포츠 경기를 할 때의 엔돌핀이 주는 것과 같은 행복감을 안겨준다.
    자원봉사를 하라! 자신을 돕는 가장 최선의 방법은 다른 사람들을 돕는 것이다.
     *Today's Law of life and Action step*

    You have to identify your objective before you can attempt to accomplish it.
    Action step: Be specific about what you want and go for it.

    목표 달성을 위해 노력하기 전에 목표가 무엇인지를 확인해야 한다.
    원하는 것을 구체화 시키고 덤벼라.

     *Today's Law of life and Action step*

    Do not give anyone permission to make you feel inferior.
    Action step: Keep your self-esteem in high gear.

    누구에게라도 당신에게 열등감을 주도록 허락하면 안 된다.
    당신의 자존감을 최고조로 유지하라!
     *Today's Law of life and Action step*

    Most of the time we are not communicating,
    we are just taking turns talking and interrupting each other.
    Action step: Listen carefully, understand what the other person is trying to communicate, confirm that you have understood and then, and only then, express your point of view.

    대개 우리는 의사소통을 하지 않는다. 순서대로 말하고 서로의 말을 자를 뿐.
    주의 깊게 들어라. 상대방이 전달하고 하는 바를 이해하고 확실하게 이해했을 때, 바로 그 때, 당신의 의견을 말하라!

     *Today's Law of life and Action step*

    There is no reality; only perception
    Action step: Identify the belief window through which you interpret the world.

    실제라는 것은 존재하지 않는다. 우리가 인식하는 것이 있을 뿐.
    당신은 어떤 신념의 창문을 통해 세상을 바라보는지 파악하라!

     *Today's Law of life and Action step*

    Always be honest with you. The harm done by kidding yourself is enormous.
    Action step: Look in the mirror and ask yourself, "Am I being honest?"

    항상 자신에게 솔직하라! 자신을 속인 대가는 엄청나다.
    거울에 비친 자신에게 물어라. "난 너에게 솔직하니?"

     *Today's Law of life and Action step*

    When you constantly blame others, you have given up your power to change.
    Action step: Accept responsibility. Look inside. Act.

    계속해서 잘못을 다른 사람의 탓으로 돌리면 당신은 변화의 노력을 포기한 것이다.
    책임을 인정하라. 자신을 들여다보고 행동하라!

     *Today's Law of life and Action step*

    Your interpretation of what you see, hear or do is just that, your interpretation.
    Action step: Always try to understand before you try to be understood.

    당신은 당신이 보고 듣는 것의 의미를 파악한다. 하지만 그것은 단지 당신의 해석일 뿐이다.
    항상 이해받으려고 하기 보다는 이해하려 노력하라!
    *Today's Law of life and Action step*

    You can only have two things in life, excuses or results. Excuses don't count.
    Action step: Don't try to justify your mistakes, instead take steps to correct them.

    당신이 인생에서 가질 수 있는 것은 두 가지 뿐이다. 변명과 결과. 변명은 쓸모가 없다.
    당신의 실수를 정당화 하려하지 말고 실수를 바로잡을 조처를 취하라!
    *Today's Law of life and Action step*

    It is easier to say what we believe than be what we believe.
    Action step: Doing is what counts. Do.

    믿는 바를 말하는 것은 쉽다. 그대로 되는 것이 어려운 것.
    중요한 것은 행동하는 것이다. 행동하라
    *Today's Law of life and Action step*

    Do not be concerned with your age. Youth is a state of mind, not a time of life.
    Action step: Never again say, "I am getting old."

    당신의 나이를 신경 쓰지 마라. 젊음이란 마음의 상태이지 삶의 시간이 아니다.
    다시는 절대로 ‘늙고 있어’라고 말하지 마라!

    *Today's Law of life and Action step*

    Some are more intelligent than others. Some are more talented than others.
    Some are more educated than others.
    But we all have the capacity to be great.
    Greatness comes from the recognition that your potential is limited by the degree of your commitment and persistence, in other words, by your attitude.
    Action step: Choose your attitude.

    세상에는 남들보다 더 똑똑하고, 타고난 재주가 더 뛰어나고, 더 교육을 많이 받은 사람들이 있다.
    하지만 우리 모두는 위대한 사람이 될 수 있는 능력이 있다.
    그리고 그 위대함은 당신의 가능성은 당신의 헌신과 끈기의 크기만큼 이라는 것을 인식하는 것에서 나온다. 다시 말하면, 위대함은 당신의 태도에 달려있다.
    당신의 태도를 선택하라!

    *Today's Law of life and Action step*

    Do not equate money with success or happiness.
    The world abounds with rich people who are miserable failures as human beings.
    Action step: Treat everyone with respect and concentrate in helping others and enjoy it-the money will follow.

    돈을 성공이나 행복과 동일시하지 마라.
    세상에는 부자이나 인간으로서 끔찍한 실패작인 사람들도 많다.
    모든 사람들은 존중하고 다른 사람들을 돕는 것에 전심전력하라. 그리고 즐겨라. 그러면 돈은 따라올 것이다.
     *Today's Law of life and Action step*

    If you stick your head in the sand, I can almost guarantee you will get your rear kicked.
    Action step: Confront situations immediately

    모래에 머리를 처박고 있으면, 반드시 당신의 엉덩이를 차이게 될 것이다.
    닥친 상황에 즉시 맞서라!

     *Today's Law of life and Action step*

    Think happy and you will be happy.
    Think sad and you will be sad. You will become what you think about.
    Action step: Positive self-talk. Train yourself to think positively.
    Get help from those around you to steer you in the right direction if you feel sad.

    행복한 생각을 하면 행복해 질 것이고 슬픈 생각을 하면 슬퍼질 것이다.
    당신은 당신이 생각한 바대로 될 것이다.
    자신 스스로에게 긍정적으로 말하라. 긍정적인 사고의 훈련을 하라.
    슬프다면 당신이 올바른 방향으로 나아갈 수 있도록 주변의 도움을 받아라.

    *Today's Law of life and Action step*

    Kill your worries before they kill you. Worry is your enemy.
    Action step: Ask yourself: If it has a solution, why worry? If
    it doesn't have a solution, why worry?

    걱정이 당신을 죽이기 전에 걱정을 제거하라.
    걱정은 당신의 적이다.
    자신에게 물어라. 해결책이 있다면 왜 걱정하는가?
    해결책이 없다면 왜 걱정하는가?

     Today's Law of life and Action step

    Others can stop you temporarily...only you can do it permanently.
    사람들이 당신을 일시적으로 멈출 수 있다. 당신만이 끝까지 해낼 수 있다.
    Action step: Don't ever give up.
    절대로 포기하지마라!

     *Today's Law of life and Action step*

    If you have a college degree, you can be sure of only one thing...
    You have a college degree.
    Action step: Get a college degree but understand that the real work starts after you get the degree.

    대학 졸업장이 있다면 당신에게 한 가지는 확실하다. 대학 졸업장이 있는 것.
    대학 졸업장을 따라 하지만 진짜 일은 그 다음부터 시작이다!

     *Today's Law of life and Action step*

    If you don't get what you want in life, chances are you didn't want it bad enough.
    You didn't commit to it 100% with passion and desire.
    Action step: Determine what matters most in your life and plan to get it.

    원하는 것을 얻지 못한다면 얻고자하는 열망이 부족했기 때문이다.
    당신의 열정과 열망을 100% 쏟지 않아서이다.
    당신의 삶에 가장 중요한 것을 결정하고 그것을 얻을 계획을 세우라!

    Posted by 인샤이즈

    "Life has taught us that love does not consist in gazing at each other, but in looking outward together in the same direction."


    정직한 사람들이 만드는 정통시사 주간지 [시사IN]

    티스토리 툴바