<Shiny's diary 15 - 최고의 교육을 받은 거북>
Talk about school! I spent three years in a highschool where there was not a single native English speaker. I was always ready to speak some English but the chance didn't come to me easily. When I finally became a university student-well, guess what? -I was on cloud nine.^^

<Shiny's diary 16 - 대구이야기>
Do you like fish? As for me, I love fish. Many people like fish.I think that's why people say, 'There are plenty more fish in the sea. So move on. Don't linger 
around.' Is it a weird logic? I associated the fish we eat with the fish that are referred to as men or women. I 
love this kind of playing on words.

<Shiny's Diary 17 - 법정에 간 앨리스>
Who stole the tart? That reminds me of by Spenser Johnson, which has been a bestseller all over the world. Anyhow, could stealing a pie be a good reason to execute somebody? People! It's just a pie! Then why did you even start to make the pie unless you wanted somebody to eat it? Huh?

<Shiny's Diary 18 - 누가 파이를 훔쳤지?>
Alice is in the court and I envy her so much. You might wonder why. Well... I have this weird fantasy about law, court, cases and all. It started when I first read the book, by John Grisham. That was sort of thick book, but I couldn't stop reading it. So I finished it that night. That was a real page turner.

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