< Shiny's diary 4 - 잇따르는 오해>
Today in the book, when the mouse said, 'not', Alice took it as a 'knot'. I thought it was a genius line. 'not' and 'knot' sound the same but have different spellings and meanings. I like playing on words. I scream! You scream! We all scream for ice-cream! ^^

<Shiny's diary 5 - 다락방에 꽉찬 앨리스>

Alice ventured to drink the unknown liquid again and became gigantic. She said she was tired of being such a tiny little thing. I envy Alice who can change her body size as she wants. I am so going to the Wonderland!

<Shiny's diary 6 - 귀여운 강아지, 작은 앨리스>
Today in the book, Alice had a little fun with a big puppy. 'A big puppy' sounds truly weird, but that was what happened in the story. When I was young I was almost bitten a dog and ever since then my legs move faster whenever dogs are around.

<Shiny's diary 7 - 버섯의 효과>
This time, Alice's neck became very long. It sort of looked gross but generally I like a long neck. Talk about a long neck! That's what I've always wanted to have. Think about the beautiful neck line. I will look awesome with that.
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