<Shiny's diary 11 - 엉망진창파티>

If I had the power to control time, what would I do? I would time travel to the future and see who my husband would be and whether I would b still as beautiful as I am now. What about time travelling to the past? Hmm... I guess it won't really matter because we should 'let bygones be bygones. Don't you agree?

<Shiny's diary 12 - 여왕과의 만남>

Alice knows how to speak her mind even in front of the crazy, head-cutting-off queen. I love that attitude! I even felt thrilled when she said ,"It's no business of mine."I wonder where she got that bold spirit and think more people in Korea should speak their mind. Don't you agree with me?

<Shiny's diary 13 - 사형수, 체셔 고양이>

According to Alice's description about the croquet ground, the game was just stupid.I bet she was so glad to find the cat that was not insane. I wonder what aliens would think if they observed us from a distance. Would we all look insane in their eyes? Who can define who is insane or not?

<Shiny's diary 14 - 크로켓 경기의 유일한 생존자>
The queen is so cruel and mean. She cuts off people's head so easily. Who in the world is she? Can life be deserted just like that? One day in my dream, while Glenn and I were driving by the coast, we got into a car accident and Glenn died. I cried in my dream and when I woke up, I was really crying. I was so sad holding Glenn who was not alive anymore. We should cherish lives.

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