* His life was his to live intentionally.
 (삶은 자기 의지대로 살아야 자기 삶이 된다.)

* To know what you don't know is the start of everything.
  네가 무엇을 모르는지 아는 것이 바로 모든 것의 시작이다.
  This is the start of an intentional life.

*  Intentional living means what you do is one with what you are.
   Clarity of purpose, an open heart,
   and a lively mind gives us the power to direct our destinies.
   To live by choice not by chance, this is what it is to live an intentional life.
    (우연이 아니라 선택하며 살아가는 삶, 이것이 바로 의도적인 삶이다.)

* Well, if being persistent is something that will help me live an intentional life,
  (끈질긴 것이위도적인 삶을 사는데 도움이 되는 것이라면)  then that is what I'll do.

* To live an intentional life, do not walk on your legs but on your will.

* Be one-hearted and one-minded.
  Living an intentional life is a step-by-step process, in which each step forward brings you closer to the realization of the greatness that lies within.
* To live an intentional life is to recognize yourself/
   as being one with the process of the present.
   (의도적인 삶을 산다는 것은 너 자신을 현재의 과정에 있는 존재라고 인정하는 것이다.)

* To live an intentional life is to enter the stream of your destiny,
   always making use of its current.

* To live an intentional life, belief and will are what it takes.
  (의도적인 삶을 살기 위해서는 믿음과 의지가 필요하다.)
   With these two things, all is possible.

* Those who live an intentional life do not tell their story.
  By example, they are the story.
  You must do in order to be. Go thrill the world.

* To live an intentional life is to learn how to swim with an existence that flows.
 (의도적인 삶을 산다는 것은 흐름을 타고 헤엄치는 법을 터득하는 것이다.)
  Go with the flow, because the flow knows where to go.

* Living an intentional life was simply to let the potential of his life live through him.
  의도적인 삶을 산다는 것은 자신의 잠재력이 자신을 통해 꽃피울 수 있도록 하는 것이다.

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